Following are the best computer brands across the world



Dell Inc. is an American privately owned multinational computer technology company based in Round Rock, Texas, United States, that develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers and related products and services.

Lists Featuring DellI've been in the Computer Refurbish/Repair field for 17 years. In that time I've personally fixed or rebuilt over 20,000 desktop computers. I've encountered every brand and nearly every model of every brand over these 17 years. The Dells are just better engineered than all the rest. You can tell that they are made for business class IT departments and that the designers thought about "down times." They also know how internal IT repair really works. You don't need a screwdriver to ever replace the Hard Drive, or Optical Drive in a business class Dell computer. All Dells past Win '98 had System Pre-activation so you didn't have to ever type in an activation code for an MS OS if Dell branded media was used.. And, when it is important to lock down a computer, the case design is not easy to get into. Dell designers thought about all this stuff. Dell also made their machines Linux ready.

Dell is a computer brand that helped define good computers. Even though Hewlett-Packard may have started the computer business and apple revolutionized it, Dell refined their computers to an art. I have had Dell desktops and laptop from the late 90s and early 2000s that still are perfectly functional and refuse to die.

Dell also has an amazing diversity of different computers, all of which are customizable to anyone's personal lifestyles. Their customer service is great and their warranty are just lifesavers sometimes and I hope to never buy anything else, with the exception of velocity micro.

2. Apple

2. Apple

Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.

I could rant about this for days. But in the end, I believe this post is for highest quality computers, not best priced. Apple Computer does make the highest quality computers out there, the are made with aluminum uni-body engineering (one piece of aluminum). They offer SSDs, which are about 4x faster than a traditional hard drive, and they have no moving parts, so they are incredibly reliable. That also comes native on MacBook Airs. That is hard to come by. Also, every component is clearly thought out, and cleverly designed, like the asymmetrical fans. When the blades are positioned symmetrically, it created a single, identifiable frequency. But when the blades are positioned asymmetrically, it spreads the sound over a variety of frequencies, which makes it quieter, and nearly imperceptible to the user. Then there's Thunderbolt connectivity. Developed by Intel, Thunderbolt delivers transfer speeds up to 2x faster than USB 3.0, and up to 20x faster than USB 2.0. Thunderbolt has a

For video or photo editing or any kind of graphic design, or "general use, " Mac is definitely supreme. I'm not even talking about specs (though with any Mac, the specs are great), the operating system is just so clean and easy to work with. Especially iWork, which is Apple's version of Microsoft Office (though Office works on Mac).

I know a lot of people think you're paying for the glowing piece of fruit on the back of the computer when you choose Apple. But I think you're paying for the money that has gone into developing a truly advanced, but yet simple to use operating system. That's why more and more people are switching. Saying that the "software is incompatible" is just plain outdated. And you can't deny that they're beautiful computers designed with top quality hardware and specs. But that's just a bonus.

The best thing you can do is get into an Apple store and get your hands on these machines. 

I used PC since the mid 90's. I switched to Mac in 2005. I have not had any issues with my iMac, my MacBook Pro, my iPhone or any of my iPads. I had thousands of crashes with PC. Viruses and hard drive castraphic failures with every PC I have ever owned. The shortest was 6 month with a PC laptop. The longest was a PC desktop at 3 year before total failure. I have had my iMac 24" since 2008 and the only issue I have had in 5 years was with my disc drive. Took to Mac repair shop and they fixed for free. That was 1 yr 9 months after purchase and extremely heavy use. MacBook Pro purchased in 2009, no break downs and one crash while running a windows program and no viruses. IPad and iPhone owned every model since second gen. And never had a single issue at all.



The Hewlett-Packard Company was an American multinational information technology company headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

I purchased an HP portable for my consulting business. Previously I had all Dell computers. When my portable had to go in for repair for the TENTH time, HP finally agreed to give me a replacement. It is still running most of the time but it is flakey! I had to file FOUR Better Business Bureau complaints and then finally had one of their senior people personally assigned to address any problems I might encounter. Of course this was done so I would quit submitting B complaints! I would never own another HP computer for anything! I cannot believe how they are rated here because I have talked to so very many people in my consulting travels that shared my opinion of HP!

I think HP substitutes looks for quality. The optical drive on my computer broke a day after the warranty ended. Which at first I was like no big deal but than I talked to customer service and it was weird they sent me the part to instal myself. (not sure if this voided any warranty) I installed the optical drive though and send the used back and it worked fine. Not long after that my hardware crashed. I was in school and they expected me to send my whole computer back. Even after I sent it back it still had problems. At this point customer service just was not helpful. I finally got to the point where I asked to speak to a manager and they refused. I switched to a Mac soon after because of the customer service.

I have a Hewlett Packard (HP) G42 laptop, even though it's a bit beet up (from drops, I am young), the hard-drive is failing, and the battery only last three hours. I still have hope in it, and when you do, it works fine. Anyway, the reason of why I voted for this brand is because of a lot of things. I really like the way they design their PCs, they have a design that looks real smooth and full of chrome. As said below the company started a really long time ago, it was started in 1939, started by William Hewlett, and David Packard. That was even before Microsoft. I also like the track pad on their latest laptops, and the keyboard on them too. And people just like the other companies because they have a computer from that brand. I know I have a computer from this brand but I did not vote because I have. I would of voted for apple if they had a better platform, that matters the most.

4. Asus

4. Asus

ASUSTeK Computer Inc., (stylized as ΛSUS) is a Taiwanese multinational computer hardware and electronics company headquartered in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan.

I have owned just about every brand at some point. Some were better in different years but 2012 and 13 so far is Asus hands down.

I do not know why Hewlett-Packard is at the top because that has never been on my recommend list. I have been a computer technician and I cannot say they have bad equipment but they used to install so much crap in their PC's that it would slow them down so much, you would think the computer was a lower end. To be fair I have not seen anyone own one the last 2 yrs so do not know if they stopped that bad habit. Apple OWNED the market pre-win7 blatantly the best at the time but PC caught up and surpassed them in price and quality by a mile since, though I still admire Apples design of the computer exteriors (casings etc). But Apple is simply not worth buying if you can get a PC twice as good for the same price (though likely uglier but who cares).

Asus makes the best gaming computers. Not bragging, just explaining a fact. I do believe that Macs are nice, but they're flashy more than anything. Due to the fact that Windows OS is typically more used, the average person wouldn't buy a Mac. Alienware, by the way, is manufactured from Dell. They're flashy, but if you want performance, then buy an Asus Republic of Gamers computer. At this moment, 4gb of RAM is the norm, and these bad boys come with 24gb. I could go into more specs, but I believe if you look it up yourself, you'll understand my point. If you're looking for a top notch, high end computer then Asus is the company to buy from.

ASUS is the best and most renouned PC for gaming and stability of over clocking. There higher end Motherboards and laptops are favoured over Dell's Alienware line up, by almost all gamers, at least any gamer with quality/price ratio. My U47A costed me $750 and with only Intel HD 3000 graphics and I can still run games such as Call of Duty and Unreal Tournament 3 on ultra High settings. Not to mention they have a direct partnership with both major processing companies (INtel and Amd) which allows them to have a stronger threading and programing designated to the core. Did I also mention that most computers dell builds uses many parts from the ASUS brand.



Acer Inc. is a Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronics corporation specializing in advanced electronics technology and is headquartered in Xizhi, New Taipei City, Taiwan.

My husband has had an Acer laptop for about 7 or 8 years now. Never a problem even though it was not an expensive computer. On the other end, we've had 4 HP computers: 3 laptops and 1 desktop. The desktop was good as is my Pavilion laptop. (I've had it for 5 years and still no problems). BUT... and it's a big BUT: my husband previous laptop was also an HP that was pretty expensive and only lasted for a couple of years. My son had had his for 2 years and it is a pretty expensive laptop too. He has had nothing but problems with his laptop. We've sent it for repairs and replacements many times over the last year and a half. Their repair/customer service is AWFUL. After this experience we will NEVER buy an HP computer again.

Our family has been Acer since 2004. Both laptops and PC have been reliable and of good build quality. Last a good number of years also. Current Acer laptop has been used extensively almost daily for student/gaming purposes and still works like it did three years ago. Will remain brand loyal to them unless they mess up somehow. Hopefully this will never happen.

Acer is an amazing laptop, it is a good quality and cheap, I've ran mine with games for about 3 years and is still working perfectly fine. They have an amazing durability and it's a long lasting system. I don't know how Acer isn't at the top of the list, because it beats HP by a long shot, I've owned HP before as well, and Acer is just completely better.

My old computer broke so I got an acer one. Even though I just got it, it's way better than any computer I've ever had. It's amazing, I'm very satisfied with this brand!

6. Lenovo

6. Lenovo

Lenovo Group Ltd. is a Chinese multinational technology company with headquarters in Beijing, China, and Morrisville, North Carolina, United States.

Aside from Apple, Lenovo makes some of the best, highest quality hardware in the industry. Tough, durable, thin, light - you name it - all in the same package. Thinkpad keyboards have defined the industry standard, and still do. I, personally, wouldn't consider any other manufacturer when choosing a Windows laptop.

1. Apple / Lenovo (impeccable design, quality, and durability)

3. Sony (excellent design, great quality and durability)

4. Alienware (may not win thinness/quietness/battery life awards, but it is powerful, durable and uses the highest quality components available)

5. Toshiba (may not be perceived as cool/luxurious as the others on this list, but Toshiba is one of the very few Win-PC manufacturers who knows how to make practical, well rounded, well balanced systems. No overkill designs that serve zero practical use, no half-assed features. Chances are, if it is included in the system, it will work well. )

HP, Dell, Acer and ASUS do not belong in the ...more

I have several lenovo computers in my business. Preform fairly well. However, we had one laptop that just kept shutting down on us from day one. At first customer suppost was good - they immediately sent out a box to ship it back to fix it. Returned it in about 2 weeks - STILL NOT WORKING. How hard is it to test it to see if it shuts down when it occurs regularly within 10 minutes? Anyways, has been sent back a second time - took almost a month this time and STILL NOT WORKING. I have been on the phone with them several times - on hold times sometimes as much as over an hour. Extremely poor customer service! Couldn't even find the service ticket at times. I had to put in a formal complaint - was then guarenteed by a supervisor that if it didn't work this past time that they would replace it and gave me his direct number. Well, I've been calling that number and leaving messages every day for the past week. I still have a nonfunctional computer and no response from lenovo... Would NEVER ...more

Lenovo and Apple make the highest quality hardware on the market. However, I believe that people have become blind to everything that isn't apple. It would benefit them to look around and realize that they could get a computer with the same specs at half the cost or one with higher specs at a cost that is still lower. Also, if you ever break your laptop your cost to fix it is substantially lower on Lenovo. Overall, Lenovo has great hardware and is not the cheapest, but is by far the best value.

7. Sony

7. Sony

Sony Corporation, commonly referred to as Sony, is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Kōnan Minato, Tokyo, Japan.

I have tried using HP, Dell, Sony now only Apple is left to be used. Although I Find Sony Laptop much more convinient and good in quality. Believe me my Sony Laptop is on since 1 and half years... And every time working but still the battery backup is 6 hrs if you are downloading moview or may be working at the same time. It never happened with all other models like HP and Dell specially. Second thing > there are a lot of difference and minor faults with computer shortcut keys in Dell Systems. And with HP they do not have a good body which nowadays is a basic necesity. A laptop should be more attractive and should have five outlook (Body Covers)with excellent Battery Backup and faster in processing and should be convenient for multitasking (handling a lot of application at a time) on which sony stands First. So I would prefer Sony rather than HP or Dell any point of time or say every time.

Seriously who said that hp is better than sony do you even know where hp is made in now unlike any other models sony is still manifactured in the same country and is better in making good electronics especially in computers, laptops and wide screen T.V.'s do you know that sony made one of the best gaming consoles today that's why its popular for its unique quality over quantity feature

I have owned a vaio laptop for over 8 years. I have been able to upgrade the processor, hard drive, operating system and ram, though the functionality of these items has never hindered. Solid, quality product at a reasonable price. I have also been able to experiment and develop on various linux based os's over the course of this computer's life.

Still running.

I've owned a Vaio for nearly 6 years. For someone who knows only the basics about computers, this is amazing. I've dropped it, broke a screw and dissembled via youtube. Didn't mess it up. Even spilled bleach of it and needed to only replace keyboard. Only downfall is the battery life and charger are terrible, otherwise, no complaints.



Alienware is an American computer hardware subsidiary of Dell, Inc. Their products are designed for gaming and can be identified by their science-fiction-themed designs.

Never owned Alien wear but if you look at most steam Free to play Videos and other gaming community the most popular used is Alienware.

Never have I heard a complaint about them other then the fact when someone wants them their sold out.

For now I will stick with my CRAZY Non over clocked super fast pc that transfers Via USB 2.0 10GB most times 1Gigabyte per second... Ram however is my only issue.

If you want a top of the line computer with highest quality graphics, best speed and smoothness ingame or out.

Maybe even Rendering videos or using Blender.


Alienware has never failed me. The quality of the Pc and the built quality is very advanced. Because Alienware is actually a gaming Pc it is very powerful. A lot of people say its over priced. How can they say that when Apple is number 1? I mean have you seen the specs? They aern't worth 2000 dollars. I could get just as a good Pc, if even better for 600$. That is what I have to say about this. Overall I think Alienware is a very good brand when it comes to Pc's.

How is Mac number one not considering price, but everyone complains about Alienware prices? I don't get it... You can have any two of the following three things... Good, Fast, or cheap... Think about it... Good and fast, is not cheap... Fast and cheap, will not be good, as well as good but cheap, will not be fast. Why do people always want the Ferrari at the Kia price... The world doesn't work that way. Put up or shut up... I'll only ever buy Alienware.

Apple sucks. Full stop.

But Alienware is a genius computer. I'd rather have 1 Alienware laptop instead of 7 Apple Macs/Laptops.

Alienware have amazing graphic cards and hold amazing world records. They have awesome backlighting even for the mousepad if it's a laptop and are enhanced for perfection.

Alienware may be slightly overpriced and a bit beefy, but if you want the best laptop/desktop you need one of these.



Samsung is a South Korean multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. Its primary products are apparel, chemicals, consumer electronics, electronic components, medical equipment, semiconductors, ships, telecommunications equipment.

Samsung should be above APPLE. Oh well I think Samsung only focus on mobile technology I wonder if they'd add new feature and program on PC either T.V. + Voice talking search for channel or connect to WIFI. Especially for Android use should around 16+ should be able to join the winning events by rating not just for 18+ ages to be join because we have more young people use. I hope Samsung's staff will see and understand what I mean.

Samsung sucks. I've had mine for a year and after about 6-8 months of having it, it started to be really slow, and right now it took about 5-10 minutes to get on to this site and it automatically put itself in "Incognito mode" and I can't get out of it. Plus when I click on new tab it goes to this messed up site that I don't even know what it is because I close it before it loads. Samsung should not be in the top ten, that's for sure.

Worst computer. Super unreliable. When I first bought I had a already installed graphics driver up to date best and it crashes all the time because SAMSUNG COMPUTERS SUK. There are toy kits for making computers which are better than samsung. Super unreliable, slow, and deserves much more hate for its poorly made computers

I love Samsung, they really focus on usability and design is a nice factor. However I have only had one issue with my old phone (Samsung) after about 3 years of wear and tear (it fell in mud and didn't charge as easily) that's it! My computer can outrun my mom's two HPs and her Gateway with ease!



Toshiba Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

Toshiba has been very reliable and I trust the brand. The product qualities are amazing and they have a long battery life which has been a problem for me since I use laptops for a long time. The quality never goes down with that brand. Toshiba products all have a big space to save what you would like which comes in handy if you do most of your work on the computer. It is not over priced, yet it is a splendid brand that has, and never will fail to amaze me with its quality and performance. I personally think it is the best brand out here that you shouldn't compare it to any other ones. When charging, it doesn't take a lot of power and it is fast compared to other laptops. Even though I bought a version that isn't very new, it has never broken down or shut down on its own. The perfect brand for you if you love great screens! Toshiba laptops has lots of gadgets that you can install. You will find that they are very useful! Its settings are simple and is not complicated for users, AND as ...more

Toshiba is very good, because Toshiba is one of those companies that make different styles, for example they make ridiculously thick and bulky computers (like mine) which are super reliable and have an outstanding battery life. However they also make very sleek and thin computers which you can carry arround pretty much everywhere. Toshiba makes computers for everyones taste, unlike Apple. Some of my friends have Apple ad are very angry at the newest one because it has no disk slot. Also these computers are SUPER cheap, so a win win in my book.

Toshiba continues to amaze me with their product quality and performance. I own a 1997 Toshiba laptop that continues to work to this day (2010). Sinse that first purchase, I have bought 2 more laptops from Toshiba, both holding up to my high expectations. Their gaming laptops are truely comparable to desk top gaming computers, while still maintaining a useable battery life and mobile utility. What's more, they are equiped with amazing harman/kardon speakers that blow the doors off of other laptops. I am also a major fan of many of the chase designs (toshiba Qosmio X305).

I've had two Toshiba laptops. Both of them have been extremely reliable and stood up to the knocks that I have subjected them to. The systems also seem to be well installed and well set up and so tend to be reliable on the software front as well as hardware.