Employees could take time off without returning to an overflowing inbox, the company said

LinkedIn said it received a swell of positive feedback from employees after an all-company week off following the Easter holiday, amid signs of increased burnout among employees across the economy.

LinkedIn's Vice President of Global Talent Nina McQueen told FOX Business that since nearly all 15,900 employees took the time to step away from their screens, workers were not inundated with emails and piled-up responsibility upon return – relieving some of the pressure of taking traditional vacations.

"Instead, employees felt like their vacation came without strings attached," she said. "They were able to come back to work refreshed and without a plethora of missed messages or an overflowed inbox."

McQueen said the company heard from employees who said they were able to "disconnect from work and reconnect with the world around them."


"What was most surprising to me was the overwhelming amount of posts, comments, texts and emails from employees sharing how grateful they were for the time off and how much they really needed and enjoyed it," she said. "Plus the positive reaction from the business community at large."

Many employees took to social media to express their gratitude. Sales leader Susan Dettmar encouraged other leaders and companies looking to "take care of their people" to follow suit in a LinkedIn post.

LinkedIn's move followed signs of increased burnout recognized as growing amounts of stress among employees in the last year. According to a Glint survey, manager burnout jumped 78% in 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic and racial justice movements.

Throughout the week, LinkedIn offered optional opportunities for employees to give back to their communities, including delivering meals to the elderly, writing thank you notes to health care workers and painting inspirational rocks to leave around neighborhoods. The company also administered on-demand daily activities focusing on learning, self-care and other themes.

"RestUp! week gave us yet another opportunity to take care of ourselves – and put our well-being first," McQueen said.

Source URL: foxbusiness.com/technology/linkedin-company-wide-week-off-reaction