Anthony says a woman has been ‘repeated problem’

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Newly released body camera video shows Casey Anthony pointing out her damp clothes after she said a romantic rival threw a drink on her at a bar in West Palm Beach.

Records show Anthony called authorities from O’Shea’s Irish Pub on May 23 to report the incident.

She said she was at the bar when a woman she knows because they dated the same man at the same time approached her. News 6 has edited portions of the video to remove that woman’s name and the ex-boyfriend’s name.

“I’m still wet. I got a drink thrown at me. This girl has been harassing me for awhile,” Anthony said.

She claimed she and the woman got into a verbal altercation.

“We dated the same person for a couple years... whether they’re together, not together, she got upset that he had texted me. I let her know that he had and she came inside and threw a drink at me,” Anthony said.

Anthony told a West Palm Beach Police Department officer that the woman has been harassing her for years, forcing her to change her phone number.

“It’s been a repeated problem for several years, so this is the last straw,” Anthony said.

She then told a bystander she was “still wearing” the drink.

News 6 - · Casey Anthony calls 911 to report bar incident

At times, she stops to talk to other patrons and apologizes to officers because she called the incident in as a non-emergency.

She also said she never filed a restraining order against the woman because she never had enough evidence.

“I had to have actual threats. Her texting was not enough. Her showing up where I was was not enough. This is enough, in front of witnesses is enough,” Anthony said, pointing at her wet clothes.

She repeatedly mentioned that she didn’t want to make the situation a big deal. The officer said she’d file the report as a verbal threat.

“You can tell, she threw a drink at me,” Anthony said.

No arrests were made and the other woman was not seen in the body camera video.

Anthony was acquitted in 2011 on charges related to the disappearance and death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony, in Orange County. She was found guilty of providing false information to law enforcement and sentenced to four years with credit for time served.

Since then, she has primarily remained out of the spotlight, aside from being involved in some legal cases, filing paperwork to open a private investigation firm and an interview with the Associated Press in 2017, during which she said she doesn’t know what happened during the final hours of her daughter’s life.

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